TomNixon_Suit_150Tom Nixon was born and raised in southwest Houston. He graduated from Westbury High School in 1991. Tom then went on to attend the University of Houston and graduated with a BBA, majoring in Finance. Before Tom graduated high school he joined Co. G/143rd Infantry Regiment, 36th Infantry Division, Texas Army National Guard. In 1990, he was trained in C Co., 1st Battalion/50th Infantry Regiment at Fort Benning, Georgia. In 1992, Tom attended the U.S. Army Airborne School with B Co., 1st/507th Parachute Infantry Regiment.

While Tom completed his commitment with the Army, he was accepted as a police officer with the Houston Police Department. He served for 10 years with the Department and received numerous commendations and awards. These awards included two Life Saving Awards. The first he earned in July of 1997, when he applied immediate first-aid to a woman who was choking and had stopped breathing. The second was earned in June of 2001, during Tropical Storm Allison. During the night of the storm, Sgt. Cullen Bean, and Officers Michael Lumpkin, William Sumner, Matthew May, Luis Hernandez, and Tom Nixon waded into White Oak Bayou in an effort to save the lives of three men. Unfortunately, one of the men, Chad Garren, 21, panicked and drowned approximately 12 feet in front of the officers. Many other officers with the Houston Police Department would perform extraordinary feats of bravery that night. It is one of Tom’s campaign missions to remind the public that there are officers who will stand and fight for the safety of citizens. After Tropical Storm Allison, Tom attended South Texas College of Law and graduated in 2004. He was licensed as an attorney in the State of Texas in May of 2005. Tom practices in the areas of family law and personal injury.

On January 18, 2006, Tom would stand-up once again and fight for the safety of citizens. On this day, Tom arrived at the scene of an accident that was the result of an hour-long high-speed vehicle chase. The suspect would cause a head on collision with a family of three. Tom believed that the inadequate policies of the Houston Police Department required immediate review, and made statements to the media to that effect. He would later be fired from H.P.D. for making these statements.

At the time, he was a practicing attorney and police officer for H.P.D. After leaving H.P.D., Tom began work as a full-time lawyer. His experience and training as a police officer and a lawyer has inspired Tom to run for the office of City Councilman with the City of Houston. He believes that through hard work and perseverance, he will contribute to the struggle for a safer city for all citizens.

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